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  • Unfairness

    I have already posted this on the Facebook Page for Wartune. but, I thought I'd post it here as well:

    I am sorry in advance for saying this. But, I am only 17 days old, and I'm already seeing things about this game that is entirely stupid. Like, level 30s being forced into a level 40+ Battleground. I mean expect a lowly 30(20k? Battle Rating) to take on 45+ (44k+ BR) with Mounts and all? You guys are allowing the newer and low leveled players become at a disadvantage. And how you all are allowing people to abuse Balens/Bound Balens to further a person's gain. There should be a limit on how much Balens should be used per month. I am sorry, but things need to be fixed about this. I highly recommend that your game's Battleground mechanics 'scan' people's BRs and put them into the correct level range/BR range. This will allow things to be more stable and fair. this also goes for Group Arenas. Group Arenas are laughable. 35-39 level range going against level 50+ with Sylphs? That isn't fair. Yes, I know...this game is just like the others...PAY to PLAY. But, there honestly need to be some sort of line to be drawn. This is why I quit my previous game. Because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get enough ahead of the buyers. Please, Wartune.....please do something reasonable and fair and fix what needs to be done. ; ; I hope what I said also allows people to agree with. Perhaps others feels how I feel about this.

    This is an example of what I am talking about (and I hope it works):

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Wartune Arena.png
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    30s against Sylph users? Lol

    Thank you.

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    Also, I find it kind of ridiculous to have a bullhorn to be able to communicate in the World Chat. This needs to be taken out, and allow talking freely. This seems like I have to pay to be able to actually talk. I didn't know you had to pay to talk. :P

    Also, since there are an overabundance of things to buy with Balens/Bound Balens...there should be a lot of things to do in game to actually earn those Balens.
    It must be really nice that people with thousands of dollars can buy them and be able to talk in World Chat whenever they please, whereas people that refuses to buy Balens haveto suffer. Please also fix this.


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      What is it got to do with your age?
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        @ Vraelia you get 5-10 free WC sentences a day (cant remember which) before bullhorns are used. You can also PM anyone not blacklisted and talk in all chat so you really don't need them anyway

        @OP Arena matches based on group level, so if any of your group is 50+ you can face other 50's. BG's have multiple brackets, one is 35-44 (based on PvP gear levels) the other is 30-39. If you don't want to be in the 35-44 bracket leave, wait 5 mins, and reenter and hope for a 30's BG. If you re-enter within the same 30 min BG period you retain your BG attempt and can still get rewards from the new one you join. You only fight 40+'s if you want to.

        About balens, well ya, this is a hardcore P2W (pay to win) game. A 100% free player will never compete with a heavy spender so temper your expectations, be happy to compete with other free players and light spenders and don't try to be the king


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          I agree the game is very unbalanced and its getting more and more unbalanced. With the addition of pets and sylphs and all the added skills they can have with balens. Its getting to the point where none cashers have no chance of playing without being pawned constantly. I realize that R2 needs to make money but really even the cashers are saying you need to re think your packages and deals. There also has to be a way that none cashers can get good items too, as it stands the one with the most money rules and if that ruler is not nice you have a very unhappy server. R2 needs to rethink before they open more and more servers.


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            Everyone can get sylph for free if you lvl to 50
            Character - Taggen
            Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
            Class - Archer
            Battle Rating -2.4M BR
            Slyph - Orange Electro, Light, Dark
            Highest CW ranking - 26th


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              Lol Athena! It has been 2-3 days now since I talked in World Chat. And since then, I can't ever talk in it without Bullhorns. I can't even get my Devotion from speaking in World Chat. So much for your 5-10 FREE sentences per day theory. ^^

              Also, we all know about the FREE Sylph. But you are misunderstanding what I am saying....

              Sylphs are NOT supposed to go AGAINST low levels like 30s. Athena, if it is so level ranged...then why am I going against 50+s in Arena when I'm just 39? I understand this game far better than you think. ^^

              R2, fix this please. ^^