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  • Loyalty bonus

    This new event is like ***?! Instead to have a loyalty bonus .. with this they will push back the customer even futher to spend close to 0.

    Just read this:

    Description: Players who have been offline for more than 7 days and whose Character’s level is level 40 or above will get the following rewards based on their Recharge amounts when they return to the game during this promotional period!

    Group A: Recharge record between 0-499 Balens.
    Reward: 300,000 Gold, Mahra x10, Sepulcrum x10, Sacred Leveler Seed x10, 1,000 Insignia, 50 Bound Balens

    Group B: Recharge record between 500-2999 Balens.
    Reward: 500,000 Gold, Mahra x20, Sepulcrum x20, Sacred Leveler Seed x20, 2,000 Insignia, 100 Bound Balens

    Group C: Recharge record between 3000-9999 Balens.
    Reward: 2,000,000 Gold, Mahra x30, Sepulcrum x30, Sacred Leveler Seed x30, 3,000 Insignia, 150 Bound Balens

    Group D: Recharge record of more than 10,000 Balens.
    Reward: 5,000,000 Gold, Mahra x50, Sepulcrum x50,Sacred Leveler Seed x50, 5,000 Insignia, 300 Bound Balens

    Players who return game, have a Recharge record of more than 500 Balens, and recharge 500 or more Balens during the duration listed above will receive a bonus reward:
    Reward: 300,000 Gold, Mahra x50, Sepulcrum x50, 200 Bound Balens
    SO that you know im a Loyal player and never left till now but startin now im gone leave this game... i mean whos the head behind this instead of compensating Loyal player who are still online and that will get NOTHIN you compensate those who are goen by now!!
    You R2 shoudl really try a little and apply bonuses for loyal players.
    And one more thing R2 you will not get Zebq back or any of the other big cashers that left!!! ye thats right !! you should really think why they left
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    Loyal players got this

    Click image for larger version

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      Originally posted by acit77 View Post
      Loyal players got this

      ye you must be really happy with that !


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        To the original post, you let out a big detail. That being the servers with this event are ones that they are trying to get others to spend more on or pull pack the playerbase into rejoining. The list is too detailed for it to be a coinsidence.


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          This is simply proof that the game is dying.
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            Originally posted by MolochMage View Post
            This is simply proof that the game is dying.
            The pushed the price point to hard, they are going to have to lower it.
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              if i have quit, this promotion is just soo bull ****.... just prove that they are trying their luck to make more money from players who have quit and hence no longer charging.
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