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Double amethyst time and plunders

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  • Double amethyst time and plunders

    Just saying to plunderers, there is no need to plunder if you get 200 amethyst in your cart already.

    5. Why didn’t I receive any Amethyst after I plundered someone else?
    In order to receive Amethyst from plundering, certain conditions must be met:
    ● Plunderers must have less than 200 Amethyst to be able to collect while plundered players must have more than 60 Amethyst to be plundered from.
    ● The plunderer must have a minecart in order to collect Amethyst.
    ● Amethyst goes to the winner of the battle whether that happens to be the plunderer or plundered player.

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    it is always nice to see some enemy get lower amethyst though


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      This is something I already know about.
      I just wish there was a possibility to see wich players has 60 amethyst at some point
      or get a buff/sign so they cant get attack anymore, since if you win, you dont get amethyst anyway.
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        if u plunder during that time, u can get 400 amthsyt per run
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          Indeed...double time just gives you 2 per 1 in your cart, it does not increase the cap per cart to 400, so you can still only harvest 100 and plunder up till 200