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tank knight strategy problem

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  • tank knight strategy problem

    For knight should be tank strategy natural and best way how to play - he does not cause so huge damage, but can survive long. In past it worked well. Then came runes and clothes - lot of brutal (brutality rune) and high skill (bonus rage from clothes) attacks - advantage mainly for attakers, disadvantage for defenders. Only if tank knight survived first 2 rounds then he could use his advantages. But now we have sylphs also and everyone awake it as soon as possible, then it is sylphs fight and tank knight advantages are useless.

    For example typical fight in team arena for tank knight now looks: He activates shield and defence skills in first rounds, survives first huge attaks with min. half HP but does't cause any damage (or minimal). Then he start attack, but oponents awaken sylphs and kill him (or knight have to also awaken it and then depends on who has stronger sylph).

    I have activated double skill tree and a lot of strong astrals, so I can switch between tank and attaking knight. I tried both in BG, team arena... And I have to say that attaking knight works really better as tank (there is chance to kill oponents before sylph awakening). So I play only attacking style now, but knight never will be so great attacker as archer (and can't heal as mage).

    Also fights were more strategical and interesting in the past. Now only working strategy is quickly use strongest skills and then awake sylph.

    I don,t know how about archer/mage but for knight this game is becoming illogical.

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    pay more get strong


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      80 Level Knight with Full Defense Skill with full Delphic.
      I usually take

      Ulitmate slasher
      Apollo Shield
      Agoran Shield

      All Maxed with all passive skills
      i can tank and AOE much better.

      and ya i hit like a truck , knights do more damage with Will Destroyer.

      Agree Knight need few changes to compete both other classes , and knight need time to build up . so take you time
      I'm Cupcaked ! My Account got hacked and some cupcaker sold every thing. Blah !!!
      and R2 Not helping with restoring the account. Sweet, This is what i put tons of money here .