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How long it took you for green-blue sylph?

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  • How long it took you for green-blue sylph?

    here im talking about exchanging for essences in atol, not buying chests for balen and trading the scraps or chest pieces what ever

    how many aproximately exchange it took you for the first green or blue .... because im not gonna lie since the 2.1 patch ive exchanged over 35-40 x60essences plus getting alot of whites from killing the sylphs themself, and i still havent got my first GREEN so... just dreaming of my blue iris...

    i want to know if its really possible to get green or blue by exange, since when u exchange it say before you buy 'contain a comon sylph' wich is white.... then how do u guys get green or blue if we exchange for 'comon seal'

    im lost... i didnt want to make a topic but after more then 40 exange no green i just had to....

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    I exchanged 35-40 times and got 3 green and 1 blue iris


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      Blue Pan after 5 exchanges
      Green Iris x3 in 15 exchanges.
      Would rather a blue iris and green pans but oh well lol still lucky enough.


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        Pan blue come after arount 30 x
        Iris have make like 100+ and so far not higre that green so i used balens to upgrade my iris to blue.
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          250+ exchanges
          15 greens
          2 blue

          everything else... whites

          I don't have balens, so all I can do is farm... mindless afk farm...


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            to those wanting a blue sylph from atoll farming; either need lots of luck or a bot (which is considered cheating) like these 2 people above me


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              Green iris - Caught in one night from 90 essences ( 3 exchanges )
              Blue pan - Got it the most recently, 60 essences, ( 1 exchange ).
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                Originally posted by po1NNNt View Post
                Green iris - Caught in one night from 90 essences ( 3 exchanges )
                Blue pan - Got it the most recently, 60 essences, ( 1 exchange ).
                90essence=3 try?

                where is the npc for that discount!

                and guys... wow u seem to all get a blue and a few green or atleast a few green before 50 exange... i did over 50exange now and no green even.... all on iris because im healer for spire and mpd... -.-

                its frustrating not even a damn green! i really want to keep my mahra to get my blue to stars when i get it... if i ever will.. i got 80mahra +- saved around 350exp scroll and like 450sepulcrum.... lol