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An open letter to Wartune about PvP balance and Sylphs.

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    Originally posted by GingerTheHutt View Post
    I can see the OP's point that Iris, does have some very nice 'atypical mage' capabilities and she does to an extent relinquish the necessity to have a mage.


    There is nothing stopping a mage also taking Iris. (OMG ALL TEH HEALZ!)

    And we're also at the very beginning of the Sylph integration, so there is a lot more content to come yet.

    I hope that once they've released the majority of the Sylphs and the game settles down a bit that things will be more balanced.

    OP: Nothing in this game is gonna move fast unless it dents the devs income.

    While I agree that Iris does a pretty good partial mage job, I think the actual task/necessity of a mage isn't really under threat.

    Take runes as another example.

    We have a heal rune. It heals yourself for a % of your total HP. That to an extent removes the pressure off the mage to keep the party healed. The rune is also free to use.

    The main difference I see, is that the mage can heal, continuously pretty much with a PvE set.

    The Sylph pet has maybe 2 or 3 heals and then runs out due to timers and awakening points.

    I am a mage with a blue iris and rain dance. Just waiting for enough Bound Balens for tsunami. Then I will become SUPER MAGE! heal heal and more heal, with some attack for spire
    Apollo is badazz right now ... but I hear he becomes a little baby curled up in a fetal position later..... as for archers superheals due to rain dance, well, lolz. let them beat my Blessed light, Rain Dance, return to mage and Blessed Light again.... lol. Better to stay as archer and beat me up

    AP / luna hurts me more than any heal from a stupid iris any day.
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      You are making a fatal mistake if you are a mage and going for IRIS as your main pet. Heal will not save you either against Apollo or mage with pan.
      Mage level 72 br 107k.


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        as a knight, i totally dun understand why your friend is trying to heal using iris in ll nm unless needed coz mage have cd.. yes leave the healing to the pros aka mage. however, i think this should be a isolated incident which your friend is trying to show off his iris hehee... anyway give him sometime, he will slowly get bored of showing off his iris and focus on the right thing which is finish the damn mpd asap lol.

        Originally posted by PunkPetal View Post
        Before our knight started using sylph iris for heals map we were finishing LL NM in 20m, means we gt max time on scroll for SPs, now he play iris it taking longer, for the sake of effiacy is best to leave healing to mages in most situations, and let your toon do what it do best.

        Iris sylph best used when ur tok or spire team only gt one mage (or you're struggling to beat a high level) and ofc in arena, which shd really jus be renamed pet wars
        IGN: watty
        Class: Knight
        BR: 120k + growing slowly
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          Originally posted by MaccteN001 View Post
          What 100 AOE per fight you talking about?! And yeah getting beaten by archers 10k++ br below a mage is alright. XD
          lol... welll mage can win knights that is 10k br and above and if the mage can hs the knight 3 rounds, even 15k lesser can try.

          but knight not soo easy to kill archer 10k br higher mainly becoz archer's slyph dmg can crit very high dmg.
          IGN: watty
          Class: Knight
          BR: 120k + growing slowly
          Honors: Lord Divine


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            Yes we can but only if knight goes only for damage if he uses shield and Apollo shield than we have a bit of a problem.
            Mage level 72 br 107k.