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sylph rank event

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    actually I fought 1 blue iris and 2 whites vs 3 apollos for a long time in arena, u can win as long as your pet is 5k br more than any of their apollos, U just need to focus on 1 pet as a non casher, lvling 3 pets, or spliting sepulcrums and mahras between them is nogood.


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      i was looking on how many sylphs there were cuz in the first sylph arena i fought someone with a sylph of a girl riding a dinasour not sure but now that i keep reading i saw yall said purple sylph can anyone explain whats the purple sylph to me please? and are there anymore sylphs beside apollo, pan, and iris? thank you in advanced
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        dinasour is Amazon Woman, it isn't out yet, it's suppose to be the Fire Sylph.

        What you fought is the NPC, like the Solo Arena when you first fight.


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          what u expect, great reward for free? get real
          I non cash n it seems fair too me
          Nubito the Super Noob Mage in The Badlands