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2 Mahra on devotion bonus so sylph upgrade is possible daily as the mount whip ?

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  • 2 Mahra on devotion bonus so sylph upgrade is possible daily as the mount whip ?

    What do you guys think of this

    Sylph Mahra 2 x on devotion bonus lvl 100

    with the 2 mountain whips and signet training
    Server S16 - Immortal Ruins

    Class = Archer

    Lvl = 80

    Br = 1.883742

    IGN = ♫MoonBranch♫

    Guild = TheLegends

    Stable Mount Strenght 21200

    Sylphs = Zuez - Orange 3 stars- br ( 123K ) lvl 80 Hecate 1 Star Orange = (86K) lvl 80
    Medusa 4 Star purple Br = (41 K) lvl 80 Athena 2 Star Purple Br = (77K) lvl 80

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    Definitely seems like a reasonable Idea. Not too much to make cashers angry, and gives non cashers to moderate cashers a chance to hold mahra for their main sylph. Also would mean 50 days or so to get a blue sylph from a white sylph.


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      exactly + its also getting none cashers abit stronger abit faster


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        I approve.
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          Think it makes sense to have them as part of the daily/weekly rewards from sylph arena.


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            Thumbs up from me on this


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              agreed totally


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                this actually doesnt sound that bad, i really like this idea
                300K ish BATTLE RATINGS

                NON CASHER


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                  this is a brilliant idea asnon cashers are happy and cashers get this too so no whining and moaning from them but you know r2 will not implement it cuz it doesnt make them money


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                    12-12-2013 09:53 AM

                    Thread Started #02
                    Sarcasm Intended


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                      Also 1imperial seal wouldnt be bad fro 100 devo. WHen we get crazy quests so we can skip them. I got fetch hurricane card which cost 2,5M gold lol seriously like i will do that!


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                        *thumbs up* my pet has been stuck on 3 star blue forever and this would help. also get my gaia to blue lol great Idea man
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                          +1 I have been wondering and waiting for this to be implemented and am surprised that it hasn't been yet.


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                            This is a good idea. However this is too good, so it will unlikely happen in the near future. Maybe if somehow R2/ PC management changed....
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