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Speed Server + Rewards + FUN!

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  • Speed Server + Rewards + FUN!

    Here's an Idea Instead of seeing Cupcakes being throwned at r2games.

    ADD a Speed Server that will last for a month (30-31 days) atleast.
    (Specifically a Competition Mode Server)
    Can be Either Knight/Mage/Archer only Class or The Usual Three Classes.

    To Join (RULES):
    1. Account should be registered and are playing in the server 1-400's of can join and Recieve Rewards.
    2. No Multi Account - (if caught its a perma Ban on all over the servers)

    Rewards: Can be claim after the server is Closed via Ticket
    ( At the end of the month, Players Top & Guild Top (also the name ofLeader) will be posted and be Crowned at the Forum)

    Players: Players Can claim Rewards after the server is Closed

    Top 1 = 3k balens
    Top 2 = 2k balens
    Top 3 = 1k balens
    Top 4-10 = 500 balens

    Total = 9k balens

    Guild: Guild Master Can Claim Rewards After the server is Closed

    Top 1 = 2k balens
    Top 2 = 1k balens
    Top 3 = 500 balens

    Total = 3,500 balens

    r2game will have no loss from this bc its only a Virtual Money (balens) that will be given freely to those Winners Account & also
    will enhance the skills of a player plus all will be entertained to see who will be crowned as TOP in a short/speedy server.

    The rest of the gameplay such as:

    Battle Grounds
    World Bosses

    Can be planned by r2's

    Note: You can always either Spend Cash or get VIP. nontheless Rewards itself will be the same.

    & In the end its a win win for r2

    Ty for atleast Reading it and sending positive Feedback. also sorry english is not my first language xD
    All can be killed, Dryads FTW!

    Carry the battle to them. Don't let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive and don't ever apologize for anything.