Here's an Idea Instead of seeing Cupcakes being throwned at r2games.

ADD a Speed Server that will last for a month (30-31 days) atleast.
(Specifically a Competition Mode Server)
Can be Either Knight/Mage/Archer only Class or The Usual Three Classes.

To Join (RULES):
1. Account should be registered and are playing in the server 1-400's of can join and Recieve Rewards.
2. No Multi Account - (if caught its a perma Ban on all over the servers)

Rewards: Can be claim after the server is Closed via Ticket
( At the end of the month, Players Top & Guild Top (also the name ofLeader) will be posted and be Crowned at the Forum)

Players: Players Can claim Rewards after the server is Closed

Top 1 = 3k balens
Top 2 = 2k balens
Top 3 = 1k balens
Top 4-10 = 500 balens

Total = 9k balens

Guild: Guild Master Can Claim Rewards After the server is Closed

Top 1 = 2k balens
Top 2 = 1k balens
Top 3 = 500 balens

Total = 3,500 balens

r2game will have no loss from this bc its only a Virtual Money (balens) that will be given freely to those Winners Account & also
will enhance the skills of a player plus all will be entertained to see who will be crowned as TOP in a short/speedy server.

The rest of the gameplay such as:

Battle Grounds
World Bosses

Can be planned by r2's

Note: You can always either Spend Cash or get VIP. nontheless Rewards itself will be the same.

& In the end its a win win for r2

Ty for atleast Reading it and sending positive Feedback. also sorry english is not my first language xD