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Tok nm and hard urgent info

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  • Tok nm and hard urgent info

    Guys i hope its ok for the mods that i make this kind of thread, but i was speaking with the top player on our timeline about the top 8 getting naked for tok hard or nm, and he wants to know clear info, like if it needs to be done everyday, or if its ok to get naked before 03:15, and get clothed back after 05:01 and any otehr adition important info.
    Ty in advance guys, and i wait for an answer.

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    example for tok nm:

    3:15 - Finds the top 4 BR
    5:00 - Takes the top 4 BR stats
    7:00 - Inserts top 4 BR into tok NM

    so, you need to have a high br before 3:15, be naked AFTER 3:15 until 5 am server time.
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      so they need to get naked between 3:15 and 05:00. and are the guys on other platforms doing this? because from the time they are asleap at that time, and i dont really see them get awake only to get naked


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        actually no. You don't have to be naked all the way between 3:15 and 05:00. As long as you're naked just b4 05:00 like at 04:55 you start stripping and 05:05 you can reequip everything (can be shorter if you can strip everything pretty fast).
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          ii see. tks. still i think its preaty hard to get everyone to agree to do it because of the everyday thing