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Sylph engulph raises sylph quality?

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  • Sylph engulph raises sylph quality?

    Ok I equipped a lvl 1 white Iris and put a lvl 50 white pan into the secondary slot, the screen showed how xp the lvl 1 sylph would gain, I put a lvl 73 white Iris into the secondary slot and the screen showed how much xp the lvl 1 white Iris would gain (would raise to lvl 64) but along with a green ring around the portrait, so does that mean I'd get a lvl 64 green Iris?

    edit - Ok I see what the green bar is just a graphical representation of XP gained instead of the number at the bottom.
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    No, the level 50 pan must've been meditating, hence you can't engulph it until you cancel meditation. The green ring means that the sylph can be engulfed.
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      Ah I see thx


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        engulfing won't change the quality....the green ring is just to show how much exp you would get if you engulfed.
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