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Biggest in-game 'd'oh!' moments

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  • Biggest in-game 'd'oh!' moments

    So what moments have you had since starting Wartune that you really wish you could've done again? :3

    By far, I have to say my biggest "d'oh!" moment was when I first signed up on a server. My oldest and best character, a mage named Miriel, started off on S265-Frost Summit, since that was what the game recommended for me at the time. (I guess it was a hot new server back then?) As I continued playing the game, I slowly realized that events tended to be timed at inconvenient times of the day for me. Recently, I heard people talking about different servers, and how some people complained about the time zone on their server. Only then did I deign to glance at which heading my server was under, and only then did I find out that it was Europe. DX THAT explained why my guild spoke primarily in Hungarian (no offense, guys--you rock!), and why World Boss and Tank Trials tended to happen while I was asleep. Oh well...

    So, any "d'oh!" moments from you guys? :3
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    I created my main account on an old server and got stronger. I later became active-ish on a server that came out the same week I started playing Wartune. The world bosses lasted a lot longer and when I compared my main's BR to their high scores, I could've been in the top 10 on that server.

    I always wonder if I could've been stronger if I had started there or would their vast amount of newbie players slow me down.

    Not really a D'oh moment but it has always bugged me.
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      i wish i didnt start this game at all.


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        Originally posted by kevs927 View Post
        i wish i didnt start this game at all.

        My biggest d'oh moment is this.
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          Biggest d'oh moment was when I read the estimates of Zebq's spendings.
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            My biggest d'oh moment was right before i made a fresh pizza there was quite a lot of it.


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              Loooooool... u guys are doh'ing me out
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              Hard training them, but i think its worth it for different situations ^_^