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unlock in advance academy.

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  • unlock in advance academy.

    Can anyone tell me at what lvl magic attack and phys defence unlocks in advanced academy?

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    I think its random for everybody. When the new advanced academy came out, I was the same level as a friend, both academys same level etcetera, and we both had different technologies unlocked.

    At either level 62 or 63, you will unlock it all anyways. I think its 63.
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      IIRC, player lvl 50 unlocks lvl 20 advance academy, player lvl 60 unlocks lvl 40 , player lvl 70 unlocks lvl 60 and player lvl 80 unlocks lvl 80 .
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        level 56 for MAtk (iirc)
        level 58 for PDef


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          Thanks matt got my matck on 56 just like said. Thank you for answering . Thanks for everyone else who tried to as well. Just needed to know what level i need before leveling talents wanted to unlock those 2 skills first