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2 castles?

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  • 2 castles?

    I've been playing this game in about 3 days now... and I've noticed that some players have 2 cities?... how is this possible?...
    Just wanted to know
    Click image for larger version

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    thats new to me lol


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      Pretty sure those are planted by the server, NPC castles, and not actual player castles.


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        You don't see anything like that when you move your castle to higher level areas.
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          Thanks Guys Just wanted to know... maybe they're NPC Cities
          I want to have more Cities too ^_^ hehehe


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            They are in fact NPC cities, used to help new player, give them something easier to attack and to have something to attack when the server first opens up.
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              you can have 2 accounts and create 2 characters. Both castles generating Gold. I hope R2 would not allow the market to operate where users can transfer gold and items to each other. There would be players with multiple accounts transferring gold and items to benefit a single player.

              The problem had been in existence and was so problematic in Caesary as well as in Crystal Saga. In crystal saga, there are players with 20 lvl 30 farming the purified crystals.