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More Characters and Job

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  • More Characters and Job

    I dont know if someone already post this but

    I suggest for this game to have more characters ...
    maybe to add a brawlers or anything else

    the second one is the job..
    wherein you can upgrade the ability of your character...

    For example the knight .. if you will upgrade it to 2nd job..
    the weapon will change.. maybe to be like a spear
    also the skills will change..

    But to get the job the player must finish a certain quest..
    .. i want this one not to buy by VIP players so that it would be fair for others ( only if you wanted )

    Same with other Characters...

    I'm hoping for your positive reply.. if it possible or not..
    That's all Thank you


    S4 and S7 player : DaOneOfAKinD
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