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Blocked and been Blocked

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  • Blocked and been Blocked

    I know that we as player can block someone's char without they know we already block them, and that means what we say not shows up on their Private massage... but still we can see what we send to them at that time. we not have notice that we been blocked by he or she..

    can we know about it when there is game maintenance

    thank you...

    Michael Septianus

  • #2
    The worst thing about the blacklist thing is that it does not prevent the culprit from spam-inviting you to dungeons anyway.

    I shouldn't have to turn on auto-reject just because some dirtbag wants help with a GoD run at 5AM even after I've explained that I can't waste my regular run on him.
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    Miracles Do Happen


    • #3
      blacklist only made blocked ppl see u as offline status in friendlist. that all
      but ur name will keep showing up in invitation list
      Nubito the Super Noob Mage in The Badlands


      • #4
        It should be they cannot invite you along with not being able to see what they say in chat.