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Jewel Hunt: Most Point Move = 100?

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  • #31
    i just got 80.

    try to focus on the big pointers (50+) - depending on what u have of course

    try to clear 1 color to spawn more of the other colors for combos/etc

    if 1000 points is within reach with 150 bound balens (10 moves) i'd go for it
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    • #32
      Yeah 80 is the most i did as well.


      • #33
        i get 100 sometimes too, but i get most points from 50 and 80 point moves. but i often waste 2-3 moves (or even more) to get there. still much better than removing only 3 stones


        • #34
          I've never gotten a 100 point off before, never had the right set up come up, and most takes like 5 or more moves to set up, not doing that for just 50 points gain. (cause 5 moves is worth 5 x 10pts)

          Also, yea, got the 80 today, guess last time I miss read or something, I think I was doing a different color last time instead, probably why it only gave me 30, lol... it has to be same color.

          Tho... I still only got 470 points today... (excluding Lucky Star)

          I did about 5 or 6 - 50 and 80 points, but all of them required 2~3 moves. And I didn't get any chain reaction today.


          That was interesting, I just did 2 lines of 4s, and it gave me 110 points and a lost runestone chest (30 runes)
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