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RECHARGE BALENES: Increase "Rewards" Please

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  • RECHARGE BALENES: Increase "Rewards" Please

    If I'm going to spend actual, REAL money that I've earned on refilling my in-game, fake currency, then I would hope that the incentives to do so would be greater.

    If I spend $39.99 to get 4k balenes right now, I am "rewarded" with 200k gold, 3 Shadow Crystals, and a few other terrible "rewards."

    Can we please get some actual rewards for spending our REAL money? If so, I will refill my balenes. Otherwise I will just continue to play the game and be mediocre until I find another game to play.

    This is not out of anger, only out of love. I would love to spend my money on this game, but I can't justify it with the lame rewards.