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Server merge request

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  • Server merge request

    Hello R2

    I come here to request for a server merge.

    My user name is yellowtexugo and im a level 70 mage and the current True Valor GM.
    My original server is Seven Realm(S112) who was merged with S115 and S118 7 months ago.

    For several times during the past 4 months we have requested for a another server merge on forum posts and tickets but no response from you.

    Due to lag, personal reasons, lack of players to do quests and many other issues that you already heard from other posts, people just stopped playing this game and so on these servers slowly started to die. We come across with a big number of players that just loggin only to do catacombs blitz and some minor quests cuz they dont have the will to go throught all the trouble just to get an mpd , arenas or other multiplayer event done.
    Guild battles with only 1/4 of active players in every guild. Some high level players doing a big effort to help others by doing 3-4 or even more mpds per day trying to keep people away from quitting the game.
    Plus some players didnt like the new patch so they already left the game.

    We are just standing here hoping for better days.
    So please R2 reconsider or give us an answer at least.

    Thank you for your time.

  • #2
    i think ur right yelow a server merge vould fix a lot the problem even a lot of players vould get back to this server and with the mege we vould get more players for pvp and GB wars so it vould be lot better i hope too they vill respond to ur reqest and make the mege sooner as possible ...ArnauT


    • #3
      Dear R2,

      My character name is Brigid and I am a level 70 archer. I am in the same server as Yellowtexugo. I agree with him. I also have seen players leave due to no help with mpds and arenas. It is rather ridiculous that there just aren't enough players to complete quests and that higher levels work hard to help others from quitting. So, in conclusion I also think a server merge is in great need for our server.

      Thank you


      • #4
        S100 has was dead for like 6+ month.

        And today we lose 5 mage S100 will soon has 0 mage left some play this game, but you should not think that you will gain any server merg frome R2Games before all the players quit and the $ is like 0 into you server.
        When the $0 relly fast go down them will merg it.

        Not before that.

        You server dosent counts some inacitve so long them eran cash frome the players.
        Character - Taggen
        Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
        Class - Archer
        Battle Rating -2.4M BR
        Slyph - Orange Electro, Light, Dark
        Highest CW ranking - 26th


        • #5
          I play on s118 my toons name is Snuff, I agree with the post we need a server merge, the few high level players left are being run ragged trying to get everyone what the need on a daily basis, we need new people to help us and keep the people we have going.


          • #6
            im in server 118 lots of players have quit we loosing more and more all the time. lots of people running multiple dungeons just to help the other players. we need a server merge before we loose lots more


            • #7
              I am Arrowdeath from S118 I agree that we need a server merge as soon as possible cause I can tell you that there are literally 5 archers that can do LL NM and I know that none of us want to do multiple runs a day. So please consider this R2 this server is dying faster than you think it is


              • #8
                Yes, we need merger.


                • #9
                  im killerwar69 on server 112.we need a server merge so many people have quit and lots more are quitting the server is dying fast. i agree with yellow we need a merge


                  • #10
                    agree with yellow, really need server merger, if not, will getting boring


                    • #11
                      A server merge is needed badly


                      • #12
                        i'm pitung lv 77 mage, agree with yellow, without server merger, this will getting boring, planning to stop playing but if server merger, i think i'll continu play


                        • #13
                          Need server merger

                          I am Meryl s112 -- I agree with Yellowtexugo with needing a server merge. There are so many things wrong with this new patch. Need an influx of new people to make the game better.


                          • #14
                            I'm in server 112, I agree we need a merge ASAP


                            • #15
                              i'm 4rcher, archer lv 74, agree with yellow, really need a merger