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Remove Fishing Cooldown & Stack Fishing Loot

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  • Remove Fishing Cooldown & Stack Fishing Loot

    Would be great if the Fishing Loot stacked when you retrieved it. Really a pain to stack it all in my inventory by clicking and selecting Move on each one. I have found using Guild Vault helps with this but still a bit of a pain.

    Also, I do not see any reason why Fishing has a cooldown period. Why not just let us do 20 attempts and be done?

  • #2
    u can press sort and itll automatically make them all stack together


    • #3
      fishing cooldown is free with spirit covenant although you still have to click the cd button which is annoying as hell


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        I see...well I guess that's one way for R2 to make money but there's really no other logical reason for there to be cooldown on fishing.


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          cooldown on fishing exists for the same reason as any other cd. But fishing was supposed to require patience anyway, glad the cd isn't on jewelry hunting :P
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            Cooldown = annoying = spirit covenant = balens = recharge = money. Easy to understand those dirty nipples R2.
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              I have stop pay Coverta just buy 2 card Warrior call and Stamina Recovery for save 2h a day. its like 600 balens.

              No need for Converta anymore.
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                Just wanted to pop back in this thread and thank the Wartune Devs for stacking Fishing Loot!