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Stamina is I am done too?

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  • Stamina is I am done too?

    When your stamina runs out(if you have no potion) do you just have to wait until the next day to play?

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    you can go to the altar of enoblement and wait 2 hours to regain 60 more stamina. if you have already done that then yeah you are done until reset. you could always farm the wilds for daru and vendor junk.
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      Yes, wait till 5:00 A.M. or do what Wren said


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        Yeap even the endurance potions level 3 say stamina +70 but its not stamina its health points. I filed a ticket hoping they can change the description of the potions so people don't get tricked into using them with no stamina or less then 20 stamina wasting them all together.


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          Originally posted by TURBOSTAR View Post
          Yeap even the endurance potions level 3 say stamina +70 but its not stamina its health points.
          Actually, its the endurance that is increased then endurance increases health points. This typo is already noted.


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            More stamina drops would be a very pleasant addition for Wartune. U think? Well I do, it kind of sucks half way through a dungeon an not able to get the rewards. The alter timer needs to reset faster = more enjoyability.
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              Thanks for the tip, we'll work on getting a change made so that its corrected.
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