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world clock?!

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  • world clock?!

    It would be nice with a clock of some kind, so you don't need to waste time finding out, with timezones and all. I personally play on 2 different timezones, and it gets a little confusing, to remember precisely what time i gotta log on to fight the bosses and arena.

    Hope people feel the need to have the time displayed

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    We are in fact working on adding in a world clock. Its currently in the design phase at the moment.
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      I was going to ask for this too. Good to see it will be coming "soon"


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        Honestly we don't need more clutter. Already I sometimes have trouble clicking on parts of my screen because various things (particularly the friend request thing! (Find a Friend)) are above what I'm trying to click.

        However, a chat function like /time would be nice. Or make certain things toggle-able under settings... like permanently until you toggle them back on.


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          +1 on @ariaandkia suggestion. Move the "Find a Friend" button right next to "Login Reward" or something where I click on the lesser part of the screen