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World Boss prob

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  • World Boss prob

    I am from the server s366 stone ruins that was merged on 18 dec at 2:30 EST with Server s351 and s353
    after the server merge the world boss is became poor the servers we are merged too contains all the archers and high levels and high BR than our ppl
    i want to say that please increase the hp of our world boss our world boss got dead before spending 10 mins after spawn and we get the fraction gold/daru as compared to before
    and here is the 30 sec cooldown also what will we earn in 10 mins including the 30 sec cooldown after each attack of 20-30 sec ?
    plz work on it alot of my freinds are also leaving this game bcz of the[ other powerful ppl but i dont wanna leave,
    plz r2 devs i hope u understand what i wanna say...

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    The WB HP adjusts automatically. Kill it within 10 minutes, and after 24H or 48H the World Boss will have increased health.
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