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Class Wars - getting boring?

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  • Class Wars - getting boring?

    Is it only me or does the Class wars getting boring?

    I get 3k+ every Class Wars (not getting to top 100), and unless i get over 1k i dont have any good things to get from shop, Soul Crystals/Whips/Shadow Crystals - are all nice but with the Fishing and Jewels event if I spend all the points on those things its not much of a prize.

    This is not about other stuff with Class Wars, just wanted to know if anyone else getting bored with this event?

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    yes somehow i feal the same sometimes. its just, almost only the same people in top 100 everytime, so the other people has no chance . they should make it so that those who are in top 100 now to not be able to participate next month. i got 12 kills this CW, and still not in topp 100


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      Here are some suggestions to make it fun:
      1. Buy those glory points with runestones, to level up your other runestone (either be it brutal or blood rune)

      2. The fun starts when you try something new, like instead of using brutal rune, use a blood rune (or vice versa).

      3. Use a defensive/support skill tree.

      4. Try tanking your toon (or if you are the one who tanks, then try to put yourself on the back).

      5. Try going for crit.. (since a huge number of players are using WD, most players will not risk an extra astral slot for guardian angel).

      6. Use some risky astrals, like illusion and deflection. It is fun seeing when his damage becomes 1 or when he dies after he attacks you with huge damage.

      You might lose a lot, but then, you get fun..

      My final battle at CW a while ago was really fun... I was a crit knight, so my def is lower... I put myself on the back, the battle was intense... It got to 100% damage, My enemy has still 1/5 hp left, then he damage me leaving me 1/8 of hp bar, then and his sylph damaged me with 5k, leaving me with 18 hp.. But then my Deluge strike crit for 34k killing him... Got my 350 points.


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        good ideas, but i did almost all of that.
        I am an archer so maybe next CW i will go with WD


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          i buy mount traning whisp / Runestones
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            rune stone just wasting glory point
            we can get 20-30 runestone/day
            whip or sc better
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              it depends. before last cw i always bought runestones for my knight (after i had all mounts). before sylphs, getting a bloodrune to 9/10 was much more useful for future cws than some extra mount lvls, even though u get the runestones much faster.


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                if low levels are in top 100 cashers angry ahaha im level 64 and fight with levels 74 66 69... never level more low or my levels only first round i play with low levels all others levels 66+

                this event not is just for all players but u can get mount training wips and pvp points cards... i like it cashers all time have more but i can get more rewards too =)
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                  i've reached the finals twice, very happy i did it, but i got all the mounts except wildfire steed. I wont be getting wildfire steed unless im in top 3-ish and that will never happen. But for me the glory shop doesn't change so everytime I'm wondering what to buy. Usually i buy a bunch of shadow crystals or souls/whips. But in the end, these rewards should make cw interesting. Which for me isn't a lot anymore.


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                    It does get old when the shop does not change. I take it that level 80 stones are soon to be added? When they finally make all rounds in classwars worth the same points unless your fighting level 80s you will not make the finals.


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                      Cash wars you mean?
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                        Cash wars is best event,wish it was every 2 weeks Drama rush is 2nd best event,
                        EARWAX .. . .... .. ... ...


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                          I'd like to see Fate Stones as a reward. Or some Lvl 1 to 3 gem packs. Plus maybe blood rune and healing rune, for those that still don't have one after 6 months of tanks trials.