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  • Shields instead of Wings

    I know some think the wings are good looking and all, but to be honest, I'm kind of tired of looking like a Victoria Secret model on my male knight. How about a large
    shield with a nice design on it for our backs instead of the wings. Maybe make it a knight only thing ...we all know the archers and mages like the butterfly wings

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    I want Superman cap.
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      I agree completely wings are a little fruity the are played out imo


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        Agree need a bit more variety. Great idea.

        for all classes, Cloaks (like assassins would wear with option to have the hood on or off) (hood on has a black veil and shows red eyes syntactically as all you can see in the darkness is the red eyes), when they have victory they are engulfed in a shadow and vanish. Additional cloaks as hunter would wear (the hunters disappear when they have victory) Hood is normal can see outline of face from it when the hood is on.

        knights, Shields could be worn on the back magically suspended from you and swirls around you when you have victory. Or the other option a black void that has an outline of fire and the fire is getting drawn in and disappears into the void (this void is behind you) this can be demonstrated by small lines of fire around the edge drawing into the center (which the character covers up some of void) and the line of fire drawing into the void fades and disappears and the line starts over again getting drawn into the void like it is on a re-loop like a gif. It is similarly suspended as the shield. The victory for the void is the void goes above him and then down through him to the bottom where he strikes his sword into it, proving that not even a black whole can move him/her.

        Mages, could have a illusion book which each book has 3 forms (Cursed, Fire, rune symbol) example of rune symbol should be outlined in darkness with the inner shinny bright and dull blue as if it is a heart beat. The cursed illusion book where their form becomes cursed covered in shadow as if the whole character was burnt to ash but remains whole (their total appearance is smooth black with a bit of an ashy look to give depth like old ancient rock texture, face of course has red eyes), with rune symbols glowing (as described above ^) all over their body and clothing should reflect an appearance like someone stuck between death and life with the runes all over them keeping them alive. Fire: like a waterfall of fire covering their image circled around them similar to the knights shield skill in the game but fire that completely covers them and fits to the character like a personal barrier inches away from their skin and flows, shines bright as they do an action and moves with them) victory they show their original appearance and collapse into the defeat pose from the toll of the spell.

        Archers, should have the option to have a new character like a knight or mage just kidding ^_^ should have an option of a quiver for arrows with apollo arrows in the back with the glow. during victory they shout up and out of view then falling down on their victims, the other option they can have is a potion (that goes as the wings spot, each potion does different effects) which makes their arrows turn into three options that strike their enemies: Dark lightning that hits the target and explodes a shadow outwards from the target, second option; shooting multiple daggers from their bows like one long stream, Third option: a black circle appears in-front of them and at their under their target and they shot the arrow infront, and the arrows shoot up from where their target is and into the sky striking him. I don't like the second idea with the daggers, but I am sure some like simple so there it is. This effect is only seen with the single shot. So as not to expect it to happen with every type of attack. Not activating a skill the arrow will not have the effect either. Only the single shot skill will have the effect.

        Now don't get this confused, the potions for archers are separate and you would have to chose which potion for the effect you would want so you can buy that one and put it in the wing spot. Same goes for the mage spell books mist, fire, or rune, and yes as well as knight sheild of light, or the void. You buy the one of your choice and put it on as if it is wings. Effects can only be seen in battle. No outwards appearance when not in battle so not to cause more lag in bg, etc from all of them running around. It would appear as if you did not have them, until you are in battle. Should help limit lag and make it easier to implement into the game.

        So now you have ideas for the class specifics and for all classes. Make them into events, or make it able to be bought from shop. Should sell well if you get the concept of what I have in mind.

        These designs are not simple and require a large amount of special programming for it to work as it is different and changes the attacks for the archer at least. If necessary and you find the archer too difficult to use that idea, take the idea for all classes and make it for archer only. That should make it much easier for you to do. Though I do like the idea a lot for the archers' attacks to change.

        Special note for R2: If you do like these ideas and these are implemented into the game, I would like to have one of them of my choice to chose from for my character. Just saying ^_^
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          How about quivers for archers?
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          ^ Manly purple!


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            Originally posted by IggyBousse View Post
            How about quivers for archers?
            Rangers are Archers. Did not think anyone would not know that. So I will change that: "rangers" to "archers" so you are not confused ^_^

            Read post above please before providing a suggestion that is already there. ^ Thanks.

            Though after thinking of the mage, should probably change the mist form to just the cursed appearance from the second version of the victory and just leave the one victory as original appearance returning as if without the spell book and going into defeat pose as he collapsed from the toll of the spell. So will change that as well in my post.

            Feel free to troll or promote you lovely humans.
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              Shields for Knights, Bolt and Arrows for Archers and Spell Book for Mages.


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                I agree, why not convert the wings into something different for each class like arrows for archers, shields for knights and the wings for mages. Wouldn't it be fun to see and play?


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                  I would point out what I did for the Iggy before Zik and ron. Apparently it will not help as some only chose to voice their own opinion than read others. I bet I will see four more of the same post similar to Zik, and ron's before I stop bothering to check this suggestion post. Starting to understand why R2 checks these once every three months.