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Event problems

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  • Event problems

    Many of the non-cashers have encountered it, an event that is very Pay to Win.
    I think its rediculous to spend so much real life cash on a lil bit of gaming material.
    R2Games really should make a non-casher event for once, because im so sick of all the events that are so pay to win.

    Right now there is a event going on with the santa's cap to get the Frost Lion and Royal Clothing. Im doing my very best to just get at least the helm in the
    event, but for a non-casher this is very hard, and i cant spend. If i look at the previous events, i was only able to get the helm and almost nothing else.

    Adding to that, my main character is a slow lvl'ing character, making it much harder to get the items.
    Which is why i ask this favor of R2Games, to make a non-casher event for once, or maybe more in the future. give all the non-cashers to be just as good as all
    the cashers who dominate the higher ranks, by simply giving them the ability to get clothing and upgrade these through the Fashion Cores from Spire and such.


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    have you ever seen so far in real life poor people receiving the same as the rich ones?
    This month you can have both a reindeer and one of the clothing for free. It is true that it is harder for a slow leveler to get them though...
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      haha rain deer in better not ry one gets them lo easily lol


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        All i can say is you are doing something wrong and dont know the way to grow strong as a non casher. My toon is level 66 and has a full set of lv 3 clothing and lv 1 wings. all off it gained without once buying balens with RL money. The key is to stockpile mount whips and soul crystals and even fate stones, only using them for a possible event quest.