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Troop removal needs to stay

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  • Troop removal needs to stay

    Meant topic to be Troop removal needs to work properly.

    I keep removing my troops just to have them return the next battle.

    I want them gone and it costs too much gold to keep deleting them and re-buying them.

    (Various reasons for troop removal. Largest reason being because I normally can only fight one boss per day which means I have to die 19 times in about 10 minutes. (Why couldn't it be 20 attacks?) AKA. Remove gear, remove troops, suicide at the boss as fast as I can.)

    This might be a bug actually. Doing basically the same thing multiple times, I'm getting different results. Sometimes the troops stay removed, sometimes they return.
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    How do you remove them? By the X button in the Troop box?


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      That is for deleting. I click and then put them in the storage section. Sometimes when I exit after removing them, the troops reappear next battle. Other times, they stay gone.
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        But did you replace with another one?


        • #5
          No, i want to remove them, not replace them.


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            Ok but I dont think you can leave without replacing your troops with a different one. Im not sure! D: Im confused with your situation, screenshots perhaps?


            • #7
              First Part: How the window looks before I click the x on the upper right.
              Second Part: How it sometimes looks after.
              Third Part: How it SHOULD look.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	wartune1.jpg
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Size:	254.0 KB
ID:	1660411


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                I think it registers the unit that you put in the assignment box. And they may return because the game wont allow you to leave or start anything without a troop in your assigned box


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                  If it wasn't for the fact that sometimes they stay out and sometimes they return, I'd agree there. Actually, I'm thinking that the return might be triggered by loading screen or refresh. I'll check that possibility later.


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                    Just press the X mark and keep them deleted for awhile if u need them back just recruit them simple
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                      Originally posted by Hyorinmaru6 View Post
                      Just press the X mark and keep them deleted for awhile if u need them back just recruit them simple
                      Someone didn't even bother to read the first post.

                      It costs way too much to keep doing it over and over.