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  • Christmas

    Hi Wartune,

    Wanna know if there would be a marriage system in s349 and when is it coming? This Christmas, we're hoping that maybe you could give us some freebies like a clothing for free without spending any just for the spirit of Christmas. We know that mounts are valuable so why not give us a clothing set for free just this Christmas. Advance Merry Christmas to you all and more blessings to come !!

  • #2
    Marriage system won't be out for a LONG TIME... they barely just had it in Chinese version, will be 6~8+ month before we get there.

    And no... Wartune since the beginning when it first started has never given out any shop related things for free without doing "events" or "spending".

    Wartune is a massively pay 2 win game

    and R2 heavily supports that.