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So, who is the best mage on the East Coast Servers?

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  • So, who is the best mage on the East Coast Servers?

    I mean best. I don't mean highest BR.

    If you have played with/against the mages on the East Coast Servers, who do you reckon is the best opponent you've faced.
    I've created a poll for people to vote in.

    When you vote, please also state your server number and in-game name. Also, state a reason why you are voting him/her.

    For example:
    [R2Games S2] Yuri.
    I vote for XXX. This is because...
    R2Games [S2] jeffhawk
    R2Games [S7] Sinner
    Kong [S4] Paulson
    R2Games [S50] Malleus
    Kong [S4] Garhard
    Kong [S4] BobLoblaw
    Kabam [S24] Jacko
    R2Games [S24] TRIP
    R2Games [S195] Zorich
    R2Games [S201] keldof

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    Biggie, West Coast 2Pac .
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    • #3
      i wonder what were your criteria to pick up some of the names you have on this list. For example Paulson?


      • #4
        I see 2 votes, 1 on malleus and 1 on Jacko... I guess it is malleus and jacko that voted )


        • #5
          bad idea to make this poll public There would be more votes if it would've been hidden.
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            Originally posted by krackenker View Post
            i see 2 votes, 1 on malleus and 1 on jacko... I guess it is malleus and jacko that voted )

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            • #7
              It's tough to gauge "who's better" because the game's an innate rock-paper-scissors type of game, even beyond class skills.

              9 out of 10 relatively equal-BR fights are predetermined by skills, pet and runes once the fight starts. For example, in this last CW I didn't lose to one Apollo pet, using the Pan pet myself. I lost to aHigher BR, very strong Iris user and an equally strong Pan user that got their 2nd awakening in before me. I beat a few higher BR players than me w/ Purple Apollo simply because the Pan pet does so much more damage being PAtk, and I got the 40% DR Shield in place before they unloaded.

              Iris is actually a better pet for CW than I'd anticipated seeing it in action. The free self-puri w/ Tsunami clears Blood effects w/o needing to take Puri. That's basically 1, maybe 2 extra attacks - which adds up. Crit-Heals from an Iris can completely negate the Delphic from any other pet so long as you can withstand it. Each of those fights went to time-out and the Iris heals at the very end were the factor in my opponent winning.

              You really need to be able to group with these people in things like Guild Battles and MP - as well as face them in 3v3, BG and CW.

              The person I'd vote for from what I know isn't even on the list. She (yes, it's a she) is the most capable MP Mage I've grouped with, can run multiple characters proficiently in an MP, BG or GB and can hold her own vs. players w/ BR Ratings 20K higher. Unfortunately, she didn't qualify for CW because she's not a significant casher.

              And I'm not narcissistic enough to vote for myself or my boy keldof - we're in the same guild and train against each other - so I'll abstain .

              Thanks for the inclusion though


              • #8
                I don't care who is better, i only care who is my best friend LMAO


                • #9
                  where is the balen option?


                  • #10
                    i vote malleus cause i haven't been able to beat his team in GA yet.


                    • #11
                      I vote Sinner

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                      I.. I love you like a love song baby...
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                      • #12
                        Have never fought any of them, and even then would have a hard time picking as they all squash me. Though from what I've seen in CW, Sinner and Malleus > jeffhawk skill-wise. And Zorich is a cool bunny.

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                        • #13
                          Such polls are like popularity contest -- never truly neutral.
                          That said, thanks for the inclusion. I also agree with one of the previous poster who said that there should be more options for players to vote.

                          Many of us have never fought them (or each other) in GB (unless same server), GA or so..
                          However, based on my limited knowledge, I vote for [S7] Sinner as the best mage on East Coast.

                          Sinner has a good grasp of the mechanics of the game. This includes his timing in using skills/runes/awaken during fights. He is also able to figure out how to beat bosses in PvE setting (i.e Necropolis). I had the most difficult time fighting Sinner in the all the previous 7 class wars.


                          Based on the posts Zorich made, I would say Zorich comes a close second to being the best mage. He is knowledgeable about the game (on par with Sinner), but I believe that Zorich has a tighter budget constraint than Sinner.


                          jeffhawk, Paulson and Jacko all deserve honorable mention too. Even though that people think the reason why jeffhawk is on top is because of the amount of cash he spent, I beg to differ. jeffhawk indeed spends a lot but he plays his mage very well. I enjoyed the fights with jeffhawk during class wars but from August to October, I wasn't really able to beat him (mustered 1 victory only).

                          Paulson won the class wars in August due to superb timing.

                          Jacko is an up and coming mage and he makes good videos. I believe he will be able to compete with Sinner on an equal level soon enough.
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                          • #14
                            Voted jackos, reason: This lasts CW was fun to watch, you could feel he enjoys the game by hearing him lol


                            • #15
                              Voted for Malleus, from the videos I seen Jacko against Malleus he knows really well what he's doing, but again for the others I need to actually see how they play etc to decide.