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Hate rune drop rate.

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  • Hate rune drop rate.

    Am now level 51. Have yet to get a blood or healing rune. I come in 1st place on about 80% of the games I play. I'm a level 8 tank headed to level 9. Have level 6 brutality with almost 600 runestones sitting in bank that I can't use due to not having a secondary rune. Please put blood and healing runes back to the old way of obtaining them. On average I see maybe 1 person per week on my server get 1 of them.

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    I am bit of an older player so i was here when they droped the healing and blood runes, trust me you dont want the old setting, true you can get Blood and Healing easier that way, BUT you get max of 5-6 runes every day only.

    I wish they can put some store for runes, that you can exchange Rune stones for Blood/Healing/anyother runes.


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      lvl 59 with over 1 k rune stones and cant use them. still to get a blood or healing rune from tanks, like you i have a high % lead score rate too. When i do finally get one i will have no problems lvling it XD.


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        The rune drop rate is insanely anoying. I have over 1k runes that can't be used on anything. I'd rather have 6 runes a day that I can use on something instead of 20+ runes that are worthless to me. Lvl 60+, I've won every tank match I've been in and did tanks almost every day for months. Not a single blood or heaing rune.


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          lvl 17 tanks, 1450/2000 xp for lvl 18. Currently have 2640 runestones doing nothing. Lvl 10 Brutality rune... Can anyone say they have worse luck than me? Tanks is 100% annoying since

          No healing or blood rune...yet people who have them, cant seem to stop getting them.

          I don't plan on spending cash on market refresh either and if I ever do get a rune pack to show up in the shop, I probably wont buy it since I'm a free balens earner.


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            I had a healing rune drop once. Of course, I already have all three "free" runes since I've been playing since before the current system was introduced.
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