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Running out of things to do for the day......

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  • Running out of things to do for the day......

    having things so limited you run out of things to do for the day...Why pay for a game you cannot play whenever you feel like playing? I would like to see more things to do to level and to enjoy the game!

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    There are unlimited things to do per day.

    For example, you can go to Sylph Atoll and farm your heart out.
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      or... spend god amount of time timing for only the Shadow Crystal fishes.

      Also, this game is all about P2W and scheduling. Every event is timed, yo miss it, you miss it. Than you have to pay to catch up.

      IE: World Boss, miss it? get VIP and get the wheel.
      ~ Tank, miss it? spend balens to get rune exp.
      ~ Gold Rush, miss it? well... you're pushed back a few days, than spend money to get epic gear so you can attack other players to get more crystals.
      ~ Battleground, Group Arena, Guild Battle, miss it? buy event packs to get Insignia, spend money to get epic gear and go on a killing spree so you only have to do 1 BG a day.

      This game is not made for "play whenever you feels likek" everything is timed, so you have to either be here, or have someone else play for you.
      IE: give others your account control, it's against R2's rules, however 50% of everyone playing Wartune do this already...
      R2 can't remove 50% of player base, because they only have less than 5000 players on R2 servers... so that'll leave less than 2500 players in over 300+ servers... LOL...

      And that's why I kept Wartune as a "side game", which I said it multiple times...

      Play real games while leaving Wartune in the background until a scheduled event comes up.
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        Agreed. ^.^
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