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HP Gem VS Crit Gem for 4 slot 50 legend!

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  • HP Gem VS Crit Gem for 4 slot 50 legend!

    I'm Archer Lvl 59 w/ 50' legendary set with 63k BR... i want to know which is better hp or crit gem for the
    4th slot of my legend set

    Class:ARCHER (Playing on US West Coast)
    Level:64 (Camping)
    RFCamping: Dont have much time
    Battle Rating:100k+ and counting
    Sylph:Purple Gaia

  • #2
    hp gem is usefull against all classes.
    you can't miss your crit as an archer.
    I'm not an archer myself but I think mdef is the gem you'll want to miss.
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    • #3
      Me, as a knight, I equipped all my equipments with HP gems and Patk gems..

      You might want to decide whether you want to ditch pdef or mdef gems in place of crit gems (if you really plan to boost your crit)...

      In my knights, I gemmed 4 pdef and 4 mdef gems, the others are HP, patk and crit...


      • #4
        The HP gems are much greater in battle than Crit gems.

        Reason being, a player can obtain +100(+/-) Crit from a refinement slot on an item.
        Depending on the level of your Soul Engraving, the Crit from your item slot is going to be greater, or not as great, than the stat of the gem.
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        • #5
          I have all patk, pdef and HP gems as a standard. Next to that I have 2 mdef gems and the rest crit gems.
          Player Class: Archer
          Battle Rating : 162k+

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          • #6
            Crit is pretty useful in Pvp, more than HP imo.

            4 of my pieces have the fourth slot as crit, the other 4 are HP :P


            • #7
              depends how much crit you have without crit gems, you need at least 3000~3500 at level 50s for 70~80% crit rate

              if you have enough crit, than just get HP, it also helps if you have a high level healing rune.


              • #8
                BR-wise, hp gem gives the most. So i'll go with hp.

                to compensate,
                the random equips stats, Endu > Crit > HP


                Crit Breakdown
                level 5 holy sniper: 1440
                archer base crit: 100
                random stats: 50 legend, 112 (crit lv5) x8 = 896 , lvl 10 crit is 136

                (1440+100+896)x1.2 = 2923 crit, good enuff