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Not so long List of suggestions

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  • Not so long List of suggestions

    1) How about takeing care of these lag issues and bugs and glitches everyone seems to be haveing.

    2) Make ur stuff less expensive. I am pretty sure more people would cash if the things in the shop would be less expensive. 50 balens for a socketing rod (like in the chinese version) is more reasonable then 175. More people would recharge 500 balens just to get those. U would also most likely have more people spendinga little bit more if u just lower the prizes.

    3) Stop trying to be a Casino. I remember from when i first started that with every event chest u bought u got the event currency (santas caps atm) AND something else with it makeing it easier for us players to get the things in the hot events. We want to play here and maybe get a LIL bit more then the free stuff without haveing to go and spend all our hard earned money on this game.

    4) Same goes for the runes. U used to have all the free runes in a few days but now it's a gamble if u can get them, not to mention getting ur hands on a rune from the mystery shop.Just bring them back! I see LvL 60 and LvL 70 players without a 2nd rune. Well done R2.

    5) Finally change the inventory and the skill and talent reset cost to something reasonable. It used to be almost 1k vouchers. Make it 50 bb to open them. It worked on the farm, why won't u change it there too? If u would have stayed with the 30 bbs from mystery chests, we wouldn't be haveing this issue now!

    6) Have a real customer support and not just people sending in generic messages of things we already tried.

    7) Start listening to your community! Improve ur game to be something reasonable and we will spend more! People keep leaving the game because u won't listen to a word we say.

    Feel free to add anything else to this list. I know none of the ppl working for R2 will ever actually read this post but I needed to say this anyway.
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    8) Surprise gift this christmas thank you
    All can be killed, Dryads FTW!

    Carry the battle to them. Don't let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive and don't ever apologize for anything.


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      yea it's christmas, and we still have no gift!!!!!
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