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X-server MP's

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  • X-server MP's

    Biggest problem I've had with this game is how hard it is to run MP's. Played on 3 servers (62 mage, 68 archer, 49 mage and going) and all ended up with no one around to run MP's with. Why not give us cross server MP's? If you roll a new character on an older server you wont find many to help you run as most have outleveled lower content, and if you are a high level on the server you have to wait for more to level up to you so you are limited in who to run with. Add to that the cliques that form in guilds (or across guilds) where people just run with each other leaves a lot left out. Giving us cross server MP's lets those that can't find people to run with on their server others to run with and not fall impossibly far behind.

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    why not form a perm team since start?


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      Originally posted by S44-ZEREF View Post
      why not form a perm team since start?
      Most people i ran with at start were new, found out how P2W it is and quit. Most of the rest lost a lot of interest and fell so far behind they are 1-2 maps lower then me, so im stuck on the same maps as the highest levels but with no groups to run with (happened 3 different servers so far)