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Archer versus Mage

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    Originally posted by R211563703 View Post

    I can take down knights with br around 96 k even if they use shield. Easy I am using bleed rune.
    well... mage can win knights easily 10k br difference.
    IGN: watty
    Class: Knight
    BR: 120k + growing slowly
    Honors: Lord Divine


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      well... easiest to play is mage. from what i see you plan to only get vip which means you wont be planning to spend much cash on your character.

      I woulld say mage is the easiest to play. follow by archer and lastly knight.

      as for knights being ops for pvp, it is mainly during gb.

      mage at the early to middle late stage rocks big time , they are normally the 1st to get lord divine too...
      IGN: watty
      Class: Knight
      BR: 120k + growing slowly
      Honors: Lord Divine


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        Originally posted by B4nsh33 View Post
        Knights are slow to level everything, so if you are stubborn and determined, take a knight. Biggest weakness is that your skills are slow and you have low mdef. But, if you take enough time and build it right, you will dominate mages too as you block almost everything, have shields to get you through damage and are able to have massive massive delphs.

        Mages are kind of good at everything and semi-boring. Mages biggest weakness is pdef, fix that and max your damage/heals and you will have no problem, but good mages are a dime a dozen.

        The most challenging of all classes I would say would be knight.
        Yeah, you are right, the most challenging of all classes would be the knight... So it feels joy when you are able to build a good knight.
        Though I don't agree with you about mage... Mages are not semi-boring, they are pure boring to use... So powerful that no can defeat you.. No challenge.

        Originally posted by B4nsh33 View Post
        Mages have no problem with hp, lol. Yes, knights have more, but I'm 85k hp right now. Not hard to refine/gem up for and add a hp astral. The only problem I have is pdef, same as a knight, but the knight gets a huge block / life gain from block advantage. Yes, once a knight works on a huge mdef and block, they are soooo annoying..... everything bounces off them

        Sylphs also add a huge advantage for knights so they can finally aoe past all our troops and then delph the **** out of us
        I want to hear a comment from the greatest antagonist of knights, kattukt... lol (Though I think he does this for the benefit of the knights)


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          In our server we have more archers and mages then knights in the top ten, there is only one or two to my knowledge that have made it into that spot. For dmg, it would be archer till 50, then mage takes it. knight is a tank, especially if you lvl and build right. If you are looking to go against a knight you need to have real high dmg, if you are looking to use them as a tank in group situations, they need to have the highest def and be placed to take that damage where the mage can heal the knight, archers just get to attack. To me the easiest of the classes is archer on game play and have both attack and defense more evenly distributed, however given the that most of their attacks are multiple shots, it makes for an easier kill. I have an archer in another server from my main, which is a mage, that I have less interest in. Mage to me, may lack in pdef, but if you get the right build on the pdef, you are looking at possibly the top class. Mages take alot of dmg if done right, and can give it back as much. Additionally they are the only class that has the best healing abilities. Each class has their attributes that make them all top picks, which in the end makes it even on choosing. So really it comes down to personal preference and how much time, money, and patience you want to have on that character.

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            LOL and you are a mage. There is no easy character. If you look only in attack than knight have some problems as do mages if they look only to heal them self or archers if they neglect defense and go for pure attack. With pets coming there is even less difference between each character.
            Mage level 72 br 107k.


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              follow your intuition, it all comes even when you know how to build up the avatar. if you're a casher, you wont have any problem, if you're non-casher, only take exp that gives something else with it (meaning ignoring bounty quests, last boss of mpd, shadow crystal daily quest, and some daily quests which you think would give too much exp and less items).

              it doesnt matter what class you are in as long as you balance its level and BR. high level with low br, not good;
              if it is fun you are after, use honor cap as your target. if you want to be on top, spend money since you will need to level very fast to even out with the pioneer cashers of the server.


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                Originally posted by AlistricShaman13 View Post
                In our server we have more archers and mages then knights in the top ten
                That's because knight is weak first 50 levels and shines late levels which most don't have the patience for (including me).
                Also the fact I find knights so boring ^^.
                Player Class: Archer
                Battle Rating : 162k+

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                  yea me too,the block of knight is nerfed