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world war for guilds

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  • world war for guilds

    world War for guilds > will be so nice too do that all could fight to see who is the best guild not only the best one "knight , archer and mage " but we need team , guild the game for all , so we to kn the best team work : guild " so plz try

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    they do, it's called Guild Battle


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      Originally posted by Spanky28 View Post
      they do, it's called Guild Battle
      I think he mean cross server guild battles not only on him server


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        yup , cross server guild


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          I get the idea of the guild wars similar to class wars once a month. Not possible though. Guild battles can last up to an hour, especially if you have two good guilds fighting. Even if you put a 15 minute timer with the most points would not help either. Would not be an enjoyable aspect of the game, it lags a lot, you either hold a tower or hit their ward. Even our weaker guild on our server can hold just 1 tower and keep the match going for an hour. A timer would just be a mechanism of luck. So if even people do think they would enjoy an hour, you would still have to do that hour several more times even if it is just the 1 strongest guild from each server. It would take way too long to complete. At best could do guild battle wars from the only the top strongest guild brs from the area (EU to EU), (USA-USA) etc. Still that is a large amount of time to see who is the better guild in the server region. I do not believe many would want to spend an hour straight on guild battles cross server with increased lag.

          Great concept, just too much time for it, and any method to lower the time would just involve a systematic exploit of luck. Ones who see it win, while others only complain about losing. Besides if anything needs to be done with guild battles they need to reduce lag in it first.

          So many different games compacted on the servers. Lag is really bad especially for how much you pay for this game. I truly feel sorry for the ones who pay for this lag.


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            Future patch is introducing Cross server GB's, and at the same time killing the server GB's as only the top guilds will be eligible for x-server events!