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chest with socks at endboss, general looting with full inv

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  • chest with socks at endboss, general looting with full inv

    1. i ve often seen chests shining through the screen after killin the endboss of an dungeon (right in the time u get event drops, like piles of socks in the past time)

    unfortunatelly i cant egt them at the end cause after killin endboss u cant go "back" and loot the chest, so its another wasted chance on gettin a pile of socks, when ur inv is full u get loot from cards at endboss in ur mail, so why not also the stinky socks, or any other event related chests ?

    so u wouldnt lose lots of rewards and maybe get enough of the things u need/want ?

    2. when inv has no free slots anymore u cant loot things ( nothing to say against this in general), but: and thats really stupid

    if u would get something u already have in inv and whats stackable u cant loot it, cause it says no free slot in inv. WHY ???

    3. the looting of the rewards from fishing :

    why dont they stack ? taking them from basket creates useless servertraffic and useless clicks for players, changing it would be a smart way to improve gaming (there are enough lags, so saving traffic is always a good way)