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worst add-on "balen bonus" in wb

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  • worst add-on "balen bonus" in wb

    I just noticed wartune add this "feature" back in wb, this is worst idea ever, balen instead of voucher before, how expensive it is! they don't care about customer service quality, they don't improve game performance, always consider how to "seize" money from us. wartune, shame on you.
    Yes, I pay I win
    No, please take it out from wb

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  • #2
    if a player is dumb enuff to play 200 balens for that let him play


    • #3
      i never use that buff so is not usefull for me it sux.i think no one give ballen for a beter dmg


      • #4
        Originally posted by rafyklf View Post
        if a player is dumb enuff to play 200 balens for that let him play
        lol 20 balens for 5%, is 400 balens to 100%


        • #5
          And you will see how does crazy people that desires to be firsrt in somethingjust to get6 noticed will begin spendingthe 800 daily balens lolol



          • #6
            Originally posted by Slaander View Post
            lol 20 balens for 5%, is 400 balens to 100%
            i think u can buff to 50% only, but didnt try so i dunno


            • #7
              I want it keep to World boss but lesser the coste, me voncher before so was man ablet to buy 50% buff 3 times a day becouse man gained like 600 voncher a day frome guild spins solo arena chest etc.

              Today its the same price but far far far lesser reward me bound balens.
              its only 2-3 bound balens per chest instent of 20,40,60 into guild spins man was ablet to gain 200 400 voncher etc 80 and 40 and 20 etc.

              The price for the first 50% should be like 1 bound balens per 5% max 2 bound balens

              after 50 to 100% them can take 20 balens per 5% so its become like before.
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              • #8
                yeah for me it enough i quit after vip is done
                just a reward for the big spenders so they get more and nore the advantage lol **** you r2


                • #9
                  at first i was mad about this "add" too because every noob that has a few balens leftover can now basically throw me out of archer top 10 including WB being over more quickly....

                  a few WBs later all I can say to this is *shrug* nothign changed at all. I am still in my archer Top 10. WB isn't over any quicker then it was before. Ans why is that? Simple, because almost no one is even useing this boost, even our big spenders say that it is pointless and not worth the balens to do it every time. U can see the peopel that are useing the balen boost and the reviving in the ranking but on every WB that's 3 maybe 5 people doing this.

                  I just do my routine, ignore the existance of that balen boost (like i did before even with vouchers, I never used them on WB but rather for my farm and my inventory space) and go home with my warrior and apollo prize.

                  If that boost was supposed to be like the voucher boost then R2 yet again failed (to their benefit) to make the conversion like on inventory space and on skill reset.

                  I think all 3 of these things are by design of R2 because all they want is paying players. U can already see it in the shop. We pay 175 balens for 1 socketing rod while the chinese servers (the original version that r2 just buys and changes to their benefit) pay only 50 balens for it. If it really were a mistake like the 30 BB drop from mystery chests back when they first introduced BBs they would have fixed it by now.
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                  • #10
                    This really isn't a new feature they are just reintroducing the old feature back into world boss, that was before bound balens but you had 2 option where you could use voucher to gain up to 50% and with balens i believe you could gain more.
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                    Level: 80


                    • #11
                      hell hungry they are...