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Level 60+ map/area

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  • Level 60+ map/area

    Please add a lvl 60+ map. It would be nice to have higher lvl treasure cache in the wilds especially for those trying to get lvl 60+ gear to recycle for refinement crystals. All I can ever find is lvl 50-55 gear.

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    Yah, would be usefull. I see all powerfull chars in my server on 50+, I wanna plunder people that are about my strength, not the ones that'll ohko me. >.>
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      Wilds going be removed soon. So that won't happen.


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        I want to see map for area 71+ some its now its relly relly hard to find people some is 71+ into 51 map.

        Man need to check every singel tower.
        So yes am vote for a new area but for 71+ so everyone there know them can plunder them even if them are lvl 80
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