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  • GB

    make the number of participant unlimited or increased it. it is so annoying for others that cant get into gb due to full room or G M only choose the high BR ppl only...

    weak ppl will always be weak in this case. even there are so many strong ppl available in the guild they cant even help in MP...always need to summon/invite 100x, before they want to help...sigh...
    Last edited by Lotus_Eater; 12-30-2013, 09:32 PM.

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    Join another guild?

    Based on your suggestion of raising the limit, then there will be only 1 guild per server. Every single player on that server is in that guild.
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      No, I am thinking Lotus was saying about increasing the count from the 50 max that can be allowed. Don't know if that's going to be a good idea considering the amount of lag we get when we're not up to that much on both sides. I know GB is a way of getting insignias and honor, but not the only way. I am hardly on at GB time since I am away from the house on Weds and Friday, so what I do: hit the cross server arena, hit the battle grounds. I am not a paying player, but I don't sit on my *** either when it comes to finding a way to getting insigs and honor. I started small myself, and build my way up by utilizing the other two beside a GB.

      But, in your case Lotus, if no one is helping in your guild, then ask around for a guild that will fit your way of being helped. I am sure there will be those that will help ya there.


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        No if you want to be part of a super guild live with the consequences. You get the perks you get the downside. Go to another guild and go to their GB's, getting loser rewards is still better then nothing.


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          I honestly think what they should do is this. Make it like Battlegrounds in the sense that there is two separate GBs that are the same one kind of thing. Each one holds 50 ppl max. That way you can hold up to 100. Whoever wins on one side of the GB wins them both. That way it won't be any ties to go through. Everyone ends up getting something from that and I really don't see the problem with this.


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            lag isnt the new problem anymore in wartune, lag can happen even in arena, tanks or MPD. so having increase number of participant or making it unlimited (like WB) isnt gonna be a problem.


            instead of having G M or A G M choose whose gonna participate in GB, the developer can make it like "whoever hit the join first, then he/she gonna participate". i bet this seems to be more fair than not being chosen to be included in GB forever...


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              Hmm, I don't know about the join first routine. Going to suck if all the lowbie players hit the join first that will cost the guild the match. I am guessing that is why the guild master or assistant sets the participants. I mean, if I was in charge of my own guild, and would want it to win (to be on the top), I would send my best, right?

              In my guild, the G M sets the participants based on who energized the tree on a set day, instead of setting participants that would not show up. Our tree is about a half hour before the GB event starts, so people can prepare themselves.


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                ^that is how i used to roll before this. active and ppl that show up during ToA will be automatically added as GB participant. but not my new guild after the merger. this merger kinda ruined everything for me... sigh...