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  • Non-Cashier

    Its getting harder and harder for the play who don't play to pay. Isn't there something you can go for us. I have been playing this game over a year and it is getting harder and harder and i am losing interested in it.

  • #2
    Nope, if you dont wanna spend cash either lower expectations greatly or find a different game. Wartune has promise to be a fun game for everyone but its been headed as far towards Pay to Win as any game out there. If you are ok with being middle of the pack or lower then by all means enjoy but if you have any expectations of being a top player then this game isn't for you. They have shown no signs of caring whatsoever for free players so don't hold your breath on any changes


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      They never promised it be fair for everyone lol. They promise it wil lbe a free to play game.Which it is a free to play game. Just heavily paid to win game. Non cashers can't be top players that's a fact. However, non cashers can be above average if they play smart. Save your stuff and learn to take advantage of events. You can get most things free that way. Personally, though non casher is going be really hard. It's best to be a low casher. Even a very low casher that just pays for vip and maybe spirit will help you lot .


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        Well i did some slow leveling and now i am not bad and i am no cash player so


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          I am a non-casher as well, and I am playing the game as I want. I do not have any difficulties in playing, so I don't know what's the fuss about. I am nearing the 48th level, been playing the new server for over a month (I think, heck, I lost time when having fun LOL), and I don't believe in wasting money on a free game (yeah, I know it's P2W, hence why I said I don't waste). But that's just me.