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    I have been playing this game for a while now and i have spent quiet a lot of money on this game but even as a buyer im starting to get tired of a few things

    and thats lack of notice before something.

    it seems like a guessing game you never get heads up on anything you just wake up and theres a new event that requires you to spend stupid amount of money all over again

    my most recent disappointment was when i spent 40k in a day to then have a love thy mount event come out the next day, to me i could have made the most my money if i had, had a day notice and i was able to save my money and get more for it.

    But it seems its not in you guys best interest that we get the most out of our money but that you just keep us spending.

    Please all i ask is that can we get more announcements please of events coming and not on the day over night i mean if us the spender are happy and getting the most out of our money we will keep spending but if it just feels like we wasting our money its just a matter of time before we get tired of doing so and move on.

    This is not to dismiss the good work your doing in the game this is just voicing my concern and giving feedback

    Kind Regards


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    good point but moving you post to the suggestions section
    if you or anyone has further questions please feel free to PM me or any other moderator.

    Kind regards Liquid_oxygen

    then click on ¨click here¨
    then click on support


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      The last time I made a similar post (but with more aggression), it got deleted and I think I'm on the verge of being banned if I had anything else to say on this topic anymore.

      Some people here are just power hungry.
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        Stop spending any money unless there is an event in the game. Usually events last for a couple of days so you can't miss it. Recharge when there is a recharge event, spend when there is something useful to spend on.
        Love thy mount event was discussed on the forum 1 day before it was announced by R2. Also looking at the fact that OP has the account from June I can assume that he is not new on how things work around here.
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          If u have been playing for some time then u should know that there is ALWAYS a soul crystal event at some point just as there is ALWAYS a mount training event (even when they are not announced they are always there... this is just the first time in months they made it an inifit exchange event again). Yes, R2 does like to keep us uninformed to have us drop more money on this game. No, no one is forcing u to use ur balens the moment u recharged them. Even for cashers, patience is a virtue. If u r not patient, the game will bleed u dry if u want to keep up with every event to it's fullest.
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