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  • Mahra

    Do mahra effect the amount of stat points you get when you level up?

    It says it improves your "growth rate" but I'm not sure what that is exactly.

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    The short answer is Yes


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      Originally posted by matyre View Post
      The short answer is Yes

      What is the long answer? (details?)


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        the long answer is u need a lot of mahra to make ur sylph go to the next star lvl or next color grade for ur sylph to get those stat bonuses. Having a higher star sylph means u get more stats per lvl of that sylph. So a 3 star sylph will have more stats than a 2 star sylph of the same color and higher star sylphs have higher maximums on their aptitude stats which also affect the sylph's base stats.
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          Long Answer:

          The higher the Growth Rate your Sylph have, the higher it's base APT goes up
          And thus more APT you can increase using Sylph Sepulcrum (sylph enchant)
          APT affects directly what your sylph's stat translates to, IE: damage, HP, etc.

          PATK = 0.0018 * STR * STRAPT
          PDEF = 0.0009 * (ARM * ARMAPT + STR * STRAPT)
          MATK = 0.0018 * INT * INTAPT
          MDEF = 0.0009 * (ARM * ARMAPT + INT * INTAPT)

          Iris: HP Base 900 + (0,006 * END Apt * End)
          Pan : HP Base 1200 + 0,006 * END Apt * End)
          Apollo: HP Base 1100 + 0,006 * END Apt * End)

          The amount of stat your Sylph obtains when level up also increases, however no one knows the exact amounts of stats you gain when level up.
          Since it also looks like Iris either have a higher base stat or gains more stat per level than Pan do (of same level/rarity)