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worst lag ever

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  • worst lag ever

    it is my impresion or today we got the worst lag ever. barely moving in mpd, tok, spire , arena or bg
    screen getting frozen, and when it gets back to normal you win or lsot, without being able to fight(

  • #2
    it's very hard to play today,so many frozes


    • #3
      if it makes u feel better, when i clicked start to start spire, the loading sword got stuck so had to refreshed and when got back on was out of spire witho anyone kicking me and with an attempt lose,


      • #4
        There is no worst lag, only worser lag.
        Five Sylphs for the Heros in wartune,
        Two for the Whales in their deep blue ocean,
        Three for Mortal Men doomed to die,
        One for the Big Whales on their dark throne
        In the Land of Wartune where the heroes lie.
        One sylph to crush them all, One sylph to kill mobs,
        One sylph to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
        In the Land of Wartune where the Moby duck lie."


        • #5
          It's the fireworks...

          after a few fireworks goes off, it causes insane graphic lag, than you would have to refresh up to 3 times just to reduce lag...

          R2 coding sucks...

          And yes, even if you don't see the fireworks, it is still running in the background causing lag...


          • #6
            it's not R2, it's 7road, but all the rest anichaos says is true
            whether you're seeing the fireworks or not, it's adding to a slow running game

            today GB was plain horrible, because the guilds knowing they'd lose all spammed fireworks to deliberately lag everyone, so they could make it to the 20-40 minute mark, this is called ABUSING a feature and in theory they should be punished for it, but since i've had more than enough experience with customer support for wartune, i'm not even gonna bother


            • #7
              its not 7road fault,at chinese version fireworks dont add lag almost at all,r2 doesnt know to copy paste stufs well :/


              • #8
                We need game client or at least mini game client. Too many update will come , i guess internet browser can't handle it anymore. I heard , other wartune server had it already.