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XP neded for lvl 79 and 80

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    Originally posted by FinalHC View Post
    Hmm...good to know. One question, does the reduced exp cause you to automatically level or were you sent the exp books then chose to us it to level yourself?
    Before we got the patch for Wartune 2, I was level 62 and I stayed level 62 after the patch. I went from level 62 to 64 after I used all the orange exp. book. So, we should keep our level and after you can use the books for leveling up or working on your talents.


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      Originally posted by Wraithraiser View Post
      I care enough to feel bad for anyone who went all out cashing on fate stones only for the cloud city opening thing to happen lmao and now jewel hunt.

      I like this addition anyways, the exp needed just from 79 to 80 right now is pretty high... would get bored of waiting lol
      Well tough stuff bc that's how this game is like. If you know R2 tricks from the beginning of the opening of the game you will know that's how they make this game.They have something really expensive and one of a kind type thing. So it seems you must buy it now or it will never be available again or be very hard to obtain. Then next patch or two later they make it much easier to get those rewards. Examples, have been the fate stones, soul crystals, most of the mounts, most of the event clothing, mount whips, etc. Pretty soon mahra will be easily obtain as well. So it's not R2 fault for doing this(well partially there fault but not all of it.) It's the hard cashers fault for just throwing there cash at everything they decide to put up. For w/e reason they want. Which is not a bad thing. People have every right to spend there cash. They can spend it now and get it now but if you do that and not wait it out then you have no right to complain about how others received the rewards you spent a fortune on easier for waiting it out.

      This game is all about being patient or pay2win. Basically if you want all the best things right that second you pay2win.If you want things cheaper/free and don't mind waiting a few months then you have to be patient about it. Eventually everything you see hard cashers have will be obtainable by non cashers/lowcashers. It all just depends on how long you are willing to wait it out. I believe the only few items as of now that can't be obtain by low/non cashers are the underworld mount, apollo clothing set, and the flame dragon set. I can almost guarantee though that the apollo set be available next year and the ones that didn't get it this year will be able to get it next year fairly easy. I can't say anything about the other two though but that's besides the point. THis game is expensive as ****. However, most things in this game can be obtain by everyone if you be patient about it.