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Reducing Arena from 30 to 10 with higher rewards

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  • Reducing Arena from 30 to 10 with higher rewards

    I would like to suggest r2 to reduce the total arena attempts from 30 to 10 with higher rewards e.g 15*3 = 45 insignia for win.

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    No. More attempts gives more opportunities. Also there are enough gaps and lack of things to do in certain hours.
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      it will be reduced to 15 with 30 ins per win and 15 per loss


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        China has reduce thire frome 30 to 15, and rise insigines me 30 or 10
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          I hope this comes in the next patch update.


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            I am grateful for the "gaps" between events. There is a lot to do, if one is to complete all tasks. Arenas eat up a lot of time. It would be great to see fewer attempts required. At least, then, those players who are finding it difficult to complete everything in the time they have available, might be able to have a chance to complete arenas.


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              like those "horrible matchings"

              where at times you get thrown into a group of super cashers 5~6 times in a row, and that's even if you waited up to 30 seconds before you click Start matching...

              The matching system is so broken these days.

              And with that, you get half of all your matches as losses... instead of maybe like 6 losses out of 30, it's like 18 losses out of 30.


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                Originally posted by S44-ZEREF View Post
                it will be reduced to 15 with 30 ins per win and 15 per loss
                I assume (or hope anyway) cross server points would be doubled as well?