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Rescue Mode for mp Help without loseing attempt

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  • Rescue Mode for mp Help without loseing attempt

    I would think all servers would be greatful for a rescue mode . So basicly its like a invite but when its sent someone can help a guildie in need without loseing attempt. And the player would not recieve experience or treasures but be able to help without losing attempt. Alot of us Higher players have reg teams and a middle and low range that need us in mps for help. But quiet often we have no choice but to not help in a lower mp because we haven't done ours. This is why so many do not get help . This would improve players Happiness = $$$$$_\nn/ {l <o> .i. <o> l** \nn/_$$$$$$$$$$ for you guys. They would be more likely to buy to get stronger with the help they need in mps . Ty Sincerly HeavensFury Guild Blades Server kong 3 / Us West 1

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    This will come in a future patch, but I don't know in witch. It is a checkbox, and you just need uncheck it to don't lose your attempt.


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      this is in chinese version, patch 2.1 i guess part 3