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Below, I will be listing and judging this game from specific aspects of the game and may mention other
synonymous host names. These are my opinions and shouldn't affect any player's opinion whom is about to read this.

eCommerce Director
This title/position deals with managing in-game shops and pricing. Usually these roles focus their marketing on factors of research costs, game development costs, and competition.

Sadly, there is no competition. Hosting websites control payment options, promote each own's Wartune, and whether or not they will allow other 3rd parties to give "Free Balens". 'Kaboom' doesn't have this feature *sad face*. Anything else is controlled by R2. They Monopolized the game. If a player clicks Forums or Submit a Ticket, you are directed to R2's. 'Defense' and 'Kaboom' have their own sub-sections here but they aren't updated anymore. 'Assemble', the most powerful opponents in Arena, have their events up days before we do, so I'm presuming they're under another company. R2 doesn't have to promote their own game when they can just distribute it. The ones buying licenses to host the game do. There is no research to be done, 7Road has already released Wartune in China and is still continuing to be developed further. So why choose these prices for your 2D products? ... Balancing perhaps?
Why do you need to seek another eCommerce director?
1.# The prices of items are too *meep* high. Also said prices interfere with the Balancing. Most of the balen consumption options in game offer VERY little bonuses unless used profusely. Fate, Rune, Mount training, World Boss.
2.) The tiers of recharging balens aren't appealing to the consumer. A good example on how to improve this offer bonus balens on higher tiers along with purchase, many big companies have adopted this and so should you.
3.# Events, go back to 1. C'mon... spend 50,000 #500USD# dollars?
4.) You should appease to the consumer, nothing as of late looks rewarding other than the 'Recharge at least 500 balens'. Read the some of the suggestions made on the forums... Well not all of them, silly. Most are bad, but there are some really good ones.
5.) Just because people continue to dump money into the game doesn't mean its all right or morally just. You set the price bar too high and the strong/weak players feel as though in doing so, they will see equal return. Look, I know this game was designed to maximize "dollah-dollah bills". Every month I pity the fools, sincerely I do, who are ignorant of it.

Balancing Director
This title/position see's that all features within the game are fair towards all users. Cashers and non-cashers alike.

I understand that many Chinese games use a 'random chance' reward box. But why did they also have to make event core items also be random? Before it was "Acquire (Event item) AND one of the following", granted it was 10 cents more, but it was assured. This has to do with the Balancing aspect of the game. You do not want everyone to acquire everything. The 'cashers' would far exceed the casual/hardcore F2P'ers. So, how to even the playing field? Lower the chance. Thus increasing the amount of money needed to get the highest tier. Not only that, you had to increase the amount necessary to obtain the highest tier. I feel as though both the Balancer and eCommerce directors always affect the consumers the most negatively. Because in this game it's hard to balance out the two. The November 4th patch is THE perfect example of this and ever since then the balancing has been HUGELY affected. Wartune releases random reward chests with the possible reward of Blue Apollo and 200 Fate Stones. Did you know each level of Fate/Brutal gives 100 damage, 1,000 health, and 10% chance of armor penetration up to level 20? That's 20,000 health, 10,000 at 10. With classes specific bonuses of the Knight and Archer, that is %20 more. Not to mention the likely hood of the person getting Apollo with Health+Mdef bonuses. Clearly one of the two did not know. For comparison, Wings give 1,200-3,600 health, a level 5+ gem will give 1,000+ health but are limited to 8 slots, a Red Astral will give 750 per level up to 7,500 and lastly, a Medallion will give 600-6,000 health before class specific bonus... Following along?
Why do you need to seek another Balance Director?
1.) 2.1 Patch was a poor execution with Cloud City chests and Brutal Edge. Before this, it was rare to find someone of level 5 fate, which did not pose much threat.
2.) Brutal Edge Health per level is far too high.
3.) Has not made visible effort to balance among gaps since 2.1 patch. Maybe this has to do with the Development team slacking in updates for the numerous bugs in game.
4.) The gap between 'moderate' and 'extreme' are far in between.

Head of Development
This title/position is in charge of others to make sure things get done and done efficiently in a timely manner.

Now, I know we are getting slow releases because you do not want to blow our mind with all the awesome future features that 3.2 has in China but... How long do we players have to put up with the, using this word loosely, lag that worsens with every update? Why isn't this person in charge getting their staff to do the what is needed? The problem has been brought to them since November and R2 has even started compiling posts and tickets about it on a thread yet, nothing visibly has been set forth to handle it unless you managed to read a Red/Blue post about it in another person's thread. A little update on the matter on an official thread would be helpful. You have plenty of Staff members, get someone to do it! Another thing, who are these "devs". Both Blues and Reds refer to them as "devs" and who do they work under/for? "Your ticket has been relayed to a dev" *5 days later* "Your ticket has been relayed to a dev, again." . Personally I haven't experienced this and I know not all are like this, just the ones made visible in General Support are. I'm going to presume they have lots of traffic due to the poor rollout of patches and are flooded with broken-English complaints. Hire some more multilingual speakers and get someone to code more languages into your game. You could easily set up a forum with regional specific sections to get the community to help. That way you do not have to cut your exponential profit so much.
Why should you seek another Head of D?
1.) Is not pressuring the devs to get things done. Customers everywhere are disgruntled.
2.) Development teams aren't efficiently rolling out patches. Game is riddled bugs, crashes, typos, and the patch notification has not been updated in game since 2.1 Part 1.
3.) Recent server launchers are examples of poor rollouts. I've been reading over some forum posts about 400'ish+ about the players not receving their event rewards.
4.) With the profits being made with the game, why do you not seek more or, dare I say, better staff? Why do you neglect the customer who are the ones supporting the game?
5.) Quality of the game has been in decline since August.

Above, I have listed and judged this game from specifc aspects of the game and may mention other
synonymous host names. These are my opinions and shouldn't affect any player's opinion whom has read this.

There's bound to be errors with typos, wording or facts :], so forgive me lol.