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Sepulcrum Pack price fair?

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  • Sepulcrum Pack price fair?

    I am writing this thread just to know the opinion of others on price set my R2. I am a moderate casher, with the current sepulcrum pack I at 155 balens and Pack II
    for 1495 balens, I find it's too pricey for my pocket. Hence I refuse to buy any. But if the price was set at a discount of 50% off current price I will surely spend a bundle to
    max out my sylph attributes. Hence, my point is that, if R2 set their prices at a much lower value, I would have a bigger advantage over the noncashers or even the light
    cashers because I would definitely buy a lot more packs to improve my sylph. In short, R2 making prices so high discourage moderate casher like me from spending because it is not worth it to spend big bucks for little return. Hence, their high prices keep the playing field equal for noncashers.

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    Its a terrible price for something you need so much of for it to be effective. Simply put, this pack is more of a feeler than anything imo. They just want to see if anyone is dumb enought to pay $15.00 for 50 sepulcrum.


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      You should better spend in Jewel hunt, it worth it much better than any other stuff in the game
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        this is exactly why high prices are so awesome. Less people will spend loads on it and non/small/medium cashers can still keep up ^_^


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          How is that a fair price? Virtual buffs for not u mostly, but ur pokémon and it's not even much with 50 and they charge 15 dollars.
          They are going way off the rails with their pricing. People hoping for new patch? I'm not, will be getting worse once more.
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            They keeping the (as I said many times before) equal value as Mahra deals.

            20 mahra = 700 balens
            40 mahra = 1400 balens
            50 mahra = 1750 balens

            while 50 sep = 1500 balens

            It actually cost less, LOL....


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              already a maxed out sylph or two on my server since it popped up, never underestimate what people will buy.


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                For the *rest* of us...back to the waking nightmare that is Sylph Atoll.


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                  The price of these 'sale' packs is both ridiculous and greedy!

                  Sylph arena rewards 5 sepulcrum per day, and today with the weekly awards I got 100.

                  Since when have R2 been so generous as to give me a reward worth 155 (5 sepulcrum) every day, and a reward worth 2990 (100 sepulcrum) per week. Damn hard just trying to squeeze a crypt key from them which is 75, like getting blood from a stone.

                  The answer is, they're not that generous, the over-inflated price of these packs does not equate to how freely they dish them out in the game. Even farming will get you 10 a day if you have the time and the patience.

                  For 1495 of these items which take tens of thousands to max attributes, I'd expect more like 500 for this price and 25 for 155.


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                    Its just another proof that people setting the prices in this game have no clue of what they are selling and probably no idea of the basic mechanics of this game.